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    中华彩票网双色球开机号-中华彩票公益时报电子报-中华彩票下载 power supply is mainly used in small switching station and the end user, for the second control loop (such as computer protection and other intelligent terminals, lights, simulated instructions, etc.) power supply, power level is in line with a Switching equipment (bomb operating agencies vacuum circuit breakers, permanent magnetic actuator vacuum circuit breakers, switches and other electrical loads) providing DC operating power.

◆ Features

1, HDP-3 Series DC power supply can provide customers with 220V, 110V, 48V, 24V four voltage level of output.


2, self-monitoring, self-diagnosis of high reliability, power supply status and operating parameters at a glance.


3, built-in battery automatic charging management module, automated intelligent battery management are floating, greatly extending battery life.


4, potential-free software calibration techniques.


5, built-in standard MODBUS communication protocol, RS485 communication interface.


6, power supply cooling Self-cooling and air-cooled using a combination of intelligent cooling technology.


7, the design reference IEC, UL and other international standards. Reliability and security fully guaranteed.

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