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Recently, the reporter has learned from the Henan electric power company maintenance company of the national network that the special shielded clothing for live operation of the 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC power transmission system, developed by the company and the Chinese Academy of electricity, has passed the performance test of the national charged working equipment quality inspection station, and its shielding efficiency is more charged than the existing 1 million volt AC transmission lines. The shielding clothing increased by 40%, and all the indexes reached the world leading level.

1 million 100 thousand before the live simulation operation of volt high voltage, the staff monitored the insulation of the newly developed shielding clothing. Luo Hao

It is understood that the + 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC power transmission project, which is built in Changji from Xinjiang to Anhui ancient spring, is the UHV transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transport capacity, the farthest distance and the highest technical level in the world. It is expected to be completed this year. The implementation of live work on this line means that it is necessary to surpass the existing world power technology, standards and project management experience, and to solve many world class problems in key technical parameters, personal safety protection, operation methods, and equipment.

In order to meet the needs of running and maintenance of the line, the maintenance company of the provincial electric power company has carried out a series of research projects. At present, we have successfully developed a series of live working instruments such as special shielding clothes, large tonnage insulators, large tonnage insulated pull rods and so on. It has applied for 8 items of invention patents and 4 items of utility model patents, and filled the series. The key technology of live work is blank. Not long ago, on the three section line of the Henan section of the Henan section of the Changji - Gu Quan + 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC transmission project located in the Xinyang area, the company successfully carried out the live work simulation test.
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